Quartz Fairy White


Our Fairy White Quartz elevates any type of area with its dazzling, porcelain white background, naturally threaded with light sterling and dove grey blood vessels. Supplying a clean style-forward look, this quartz is excellent to produce fashion magazine-worthy kitchens and baths. Resilient, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant, as well as requiring basically no maintenance, it is easy to see why white quartz kitchen counters are the best choice for energetic homes as well as commercial buildings. In addition to kitchen counters, it is recommended for usage as floor covering, for backsplashes and accent wall surfaces, along with for table tops and bar tops.

There are many reasons to choose Belenco…

Belenco Quartz SurfacesNatural Stone (Granite)LaminateAcrylic Surfaces
Scratch Resistance Scratch ResistanceYesYes
Flexural Strength Flexural StrengthYes
Rupture Strength Rupture StrengthYesYes
Resistance against chemicals Resistance against chemicalsYesYes
Water absorption and porosity	 Water absorption and porosityYesYes
Stain Resistance Stain ResistanceYesYesYes
Hygiene HygieneYesYes
Easy Maintenance Easy MaintenanceYes
Heat Resistance Heat ResistanceYes YesYesYes
Color Consistency Color ConsistencyYes

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