Quartz Sparkling White


I’m right here to share a truthful review of our white quartz kitchen counters. I believed this may be useful for any one of you that are planning a kitchen remodeling or aiming to update to some new glossy countertops. I’m talking regarding the good AND the poor, as well as a few basic ideas on our countertops since we’ve been living with them for over 6 months. Ok, so just for kicks exactly how concerning we start with an in the past picture of our kitchen area?

  • This is the first time we’ve ever had quartz countertops. As well as I need to state, they are SO good. They’re low maintenance, which I enjoy, as well as very long lasting. When we were looking around for different tops, I maintained returning to quartz due to the fact that they are so easy as well as headache complimentary. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous and it doesn’t need to be secured, which is a big WIN in my book.
  • It’s additionally scratch resistant, stain and also warmth resistant too– which is AWESOME. I still make use of a reducing board, just because it’s simpler, however it’s good recognizing just how long lasting they are. It’s held up great until now and also we’ve had no issues at all.
  • Another reason we went with quartz is because at the time I wanted white countertops with very marginal blood vessels and no crystals or speckles at all. I primarily wanted a solid pattern. But because granite is an all-natural stone that was almost difficult to discover, even though the firm we selected had tons of granite options. I honestly just didn’t love any one of the granite tops I saw. So I maintained returning to the quartz since I loved the easy and also tidy appearance of the Arctic White.
  • They genuinely are stain immune. I’ve spilled practically everything on these tops (consisting of great deals of coffee!) and also they do not stain at all, even though they are white.
  • Immediately after our white kitchen counters were installed, I seemed like the kitchen area looked 10 times bigger. I had not been actually anticipating that, however the white most definitely made the entire space really feel brighter and also fresh.
  • The bad feature of these white tops is they do reveal every little mark. I bear in mind the 3rd day we had them someone glided our crockpot across the counter and it left a huge black mark. It wasn’t scratched, but the black mark would certainly NOT come off no matter what I tried. I finally had to use a Magic Erasers to remove it.
  • Aside from marks in addition to the counters, I’ve likewise seen dark marks on the front of the tops as well– they almost look like little pencil markings. It’s not very noticeable, however it most definitely bugs me. As well as once more, the only point that will remove it is a Magic Eraser. I don’t know if this is common with various other quartz tops, yet I’ve been stunned to see how quickly marks are left on ours

General I like my white quartz counter tops. And of all the restorations as well as projects we’ve done in our home over these past 3 years, selecting to purchase our cooking area counter tops was just one of the best decisions we’ve made. They’ve not just completely transformed our kitchen area, yet they are SO darn easy and also they actually do require very little upkeep. I merely clean them with hot soapy water the majority of the moment. My one and only remorse is that I didn’t go with a shade of white that had a tiny little bit extra measurement to it. Provided how easily these tops reveal any type of little mark, I believe obtaining something with also a few blood vessels may have helped disguise those marks a bit extra, however perhaps not. Regardless, I love the simpleness of the white and I think it suits are kitchen area well.

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